Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Overcoming chicken manure smell

Good morning all, and welcome back activities ............

This morning I want to discuss about how to cope with the smell of chicken manure near the cage. One of the problems in raising chickens is the smell of animal dung, if we can not fix it if it is not one of the neighbors around us would protest. There are a few things to overcome the smell of manure: the first is keep the cleanliness of the cage, the second should we use rice husks or sand base, it is advisable to use sea sand or white sand and building sand are not advisable because the ash is very high level and solidify faster ; that when by providing drinking water made ​​from spices.

In this case I did not discuss the first and second points, but will discuss the third point. With a spice made ​​from these, there are several benefits that can be obtained: the first is organic material and no harm to animals, second and made ​​readily available, and inexpensive and easily made ​​third and last make a healthy chicken. Here are some advantages to using natural ingredients.

The materials required are: a couple of ginger rhizome, ginger, rice kencur, some betel leaves, brown sugar and a little salt. after the material is ready and has been cleaned and boiled with 3 (three) bottles of water and a 1 (one) bottle of boiled water. And a bottle of boiled water we store in refrigerator. We use enough water mixed with boiled water before, with a ratio of 1 liter of water mixed with 1-2 tablespoons of the cooking water before and can be given 2 days. Please have a try and see for myself, guaranteed safe, cheap, healthy chicken and do not disturb the environment because organic made​​.


  1. Untuk menghilangkan bau kandang bapak bisa menggunakan PROTEXOL. bau amonia di kandang 90% mampu ditekan oleh produk ini. selain menghilangkan bau amonia PROTEXOL juga mampu membunuh larva lalat dan berfungsi sebagai disinfektan.
    informasi lebih lengkap dapat mengunjungi :

  2. Biar kandang tetap steril dari penyakit dikasih apa? Terimakasih.

  3. Selain teknik yang dianjurkan di atas, kami juga menggunakan PROTEXOL dengan dosis hanya 5 cc/liter air kemudian disemprotkan ke litter atau ke atas kotoran ternak langsung. Maka bau yang disebabkan gas amonia, gas hidrogen sulfida maupun gas methan akan sirna seketika. Selain murah harganya juga sangat aman meskipun disemprotkan di dalam kandang mengenai ternak, tempat makan dan tempat minim.


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