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11 Steps to prevent disease

   1. vaccination program
   2. The chickens are placed in buildings / enclosures
       to be protected from disease-carrying animals
   3. Changing the drinking water at least 2 times a day
   4. Maintain cleanliness of cages
   5. Prevent infection from outside sources
   6. New poultry, should be quarantined first
       about 15 days
   7. Getting sick birds should be isolated from
       healthy birds
   8. When the plague struck, dead birds should be
       burnt / destroyed or buried
   9. Give vitamins when the weather changes
 10. Do not dispose of chicken waste keselokan or
       river, resulting in outbreaks of disease
 11. Ask the doctor when there are outbreaks
       around you

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The jockey's

  Youngest jockey in the contest featured compact serama APASI Cup III

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What and how a serama?

After much discussion with farmers from serama Malaysia in kediri, playing serama Apparently it's not as easy as we imagine especially for serama are ready to perform the contest arena. Serama chicken is not just a contest, but more than that. A good serama have certain rules so that it can display the beauty serama with high artistic value
Maybe everyone just thinks serama identical to the smallest chicken. it was not like that, there are certain rules in accordance with the traditions of the Asian art and philosophy there. Therefore serama learn correctly in accordance with the mindset of the Asia especially Southeast Asia. New you will understand what and how serama correctly. Greetings from Indonesia serama maniac.

Monday, October 29, 2012


ASSESSMENT OF CHICKEN SERAMA* Type - The main characteristic is to stick to the back of the head, the back portion short, bristled wing and tail length, full, and if developed, not touching bone. Position the middle of the eye equal to the position of the middle leg when standing.* Disposition - Looks valiant, courageous and confident. Mannerism love and love to stand out like crows feet.* Tails - big Saiz, straightened and height. The main stem of long tail feathers, melentik at the end and growing as a form V. Lawi (rooster) 90 Uprise melentik darjah and slightly backward at the end.* Flap - When standing, the chicken wing in position straightening but little menghala back. Hujung little flap in contact with the floor.* Body - Strapping and round. Chicken breast larger than the rear portion when viewed from above. From the edge, V-shaped body Rear Chicken and broad at the shoulder portion.* Feet - Not so tight and selari. Simple and balanced with a long flap saiz. Thighs muscular and modest length. Taji in central shank portion, hard, small and menghala back foot.

 Age categories for chicken serama that counsel was as follows:Grade 3A weighing under 250gmGrade 1A weighing under 350gmGrade B weighing under 500gm

 Style is something that is very subjective to be explained depends on individual tastes differing .. Chicken serama more recognizable beauty kerana cause defended only for the purpose of accompanying the game and a hobby. if there is an abundance of light and a camera lens, it immediately raised chicken breasts and erect tail straighten up to 90 darjah and waving signs both kepak.Gaya teletah chicken is very popular with photographers serama kerana easy to get It poses an interesting and photogenic. There is also a very hard cock serama photographed kerana often walks through every corner of the table.

The characteristics that should exist in a serama to match ....The main characteristic is the force (25%), body (15%), head & tail feather (25%), Head & Balung (15%), color (10%), wing (10%), fleece (5%) and feet (5%). usually chicken in category A which weighs 320 - 350g a high style .... chicken a lighter 220 - 300g usually less active ....Style: regular full Permarkahan earmarked 25% but until now was the highest markup is 23.5 sake only. Style of thought in terms of how chickens are acting like a shook-shook pull, walk with magnificent, diving head pull to reveal a large chest, lift the opposite leg, tengkok vibrate, etc..Body: diperuntuk Pemarkahan usual full 15%, but as usual the highest markup in 13.5 sake only. Body beautiful thought to be lifted if the chicken breasts hinggakan not show the space between the tail and the back of the chicken. Head also need melepasi cedar legs. The tail should not be melepasi cedar legs ... people over here says stabbing head ... So the position of the head exceeds 90 darjah tu le.Tails: Pemarkahan usual full allocated 15%, but as usual the highest landmarks in 13 other features. Beautiful tail must have more than 5 blades / blade next. The order is necessary to regularly ... namely arranged neatly ... there should be no short in the middle of ... revealing ascending arrangement ... one more tail tu le open .. should not be hermetically sealed or mengucup .. the usual term we use for the tail is betel leaf shape.Lawi: Pemarkahan usual full allocated 10%, but as usual the highest markup in 8.5 other features. Lawi pretty emphatic higher pengapik tail tail feather .. at least 1 inch. Lawi necessary straight up .. two equally long tail feather is necessary .. hard, smooth and sharp tapered .. the term used is tail feather to tail feather sword and javelin.Wings: regular full Pemarkahan allocated 7%, but as usual the highest markup in 6 other features. The composition of the wing must be boxed, midrib on the wing feathers showed no cavities, not too short or too anchoring ... cedar is used as the deciding leg. The wings were pretty down is when straightened his legs and not be covered mencecah ground. Terpacak should erect 90 darjah.Head Balung: Pemarkahan usual full allocated 10%, but as usual the highest markup in 8 other features. Balung pretty thought when saiznya besesuai to face the chicken. Not thick, bright red to indicate It councilors, Jejarinya exceed than 5 blades, Upright, Composed neatly ... visible uniformity in composition.Color: Pemarkahan usual full allocated 8%, but as usual the highest markup in 7 other features. Class colors are colors that are shiny .. like yellow, red, fig, beetles candles, color grade 2 is white, kubing, namely gross color mixing color with black chest.Fur: ​​Pemarkahan usual full allocated 5%, but as usual the highest markup in 4 other features. Fur let containers, net primarily hujung wings and lower back, not merebang-rebang, I might see if we reveal neatly boxed and ... tip .. bathe the chicken 3 or 4 days before the game ... do not bathe the day before the match .. fur will not arranged neatly ... seems kind of strip-strip.Feet: Pemarkahan usual full allocated 5%, but as usual the highest markup in 4 other features. Colors are usually bright yellow legs, long, clean, upright when standing, bent less markup, not weak or lembik when walking.


 There are two formats for the game of chicken serama between Kelantan and Terengganu, Terengganu .... If the markup for style united into one in Kelantan when broken into two ... but this format Perkas court ... if he Kerisma same markup format Terengganu . Style A is a force on the table and Style B is the style below (running). Usually not much markup Beza between one-on-one chicken .. and sometimes the same markahnya other features add up .. how to determine if the predecessor is by looking at stacking set markahnya than style to foot ... if chicken 'w' style but lost a portion over the chicken legs and 'X' feet higher than the style, the chickens 'w' le mistaken as predecessors so forth .. but if all these distinctive markahnya same traits, the way the scales was the last we use the lightest chicken .. mistaken as the winner.

Indeed, it is wise to penternak genetic intimation will be able to know for sure the characteristics of the dominant against serama pet chickens. Any mix of genetic imbalances at diternaknya chickens will produce the form of chicken serama way that does not follow the standard qualities desired.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

How Serama Assessment

Old assessments for 2-3 minutes on each chicken, chicken on the table catwalk serama assessed and judged by one or two judges. for each category. And starting from seedling class, adolescent, adult females, young serama, without a tail feather, serama A, serama B. and ends with the best of the best that lasted for five minutes, which should follow BoB just won first class teenagers, young serama, without a tail feather, serama A and B.

Submission of champions trophy

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Category contested

Category contested
Serama "A"
Serama "B"
Serama Young
Teen Serama
Serama Without Tail feather

Serama Parent
Serama Child "A"
Serama Child "B"

Serama A (weighing 350 grams or less) and have been aged 7 months or older is considered an adult, serama B (weighing 350 grams, 400 grams less) and have been aged 7 months or older is considered an adult

Young Serama by age between 4 to 6 months, with a characteristic tail feather tail has not grown or rudimentary

Teen Serama between 3-6 months of age, with a more complete tail characteristics, appearance accessories more perfect than younger serama

 Serama without tail feather, regular serama is undergoing change fur / moulting, regardless of age

 Serama parent usually about 6 months old, less than age categories contested in Adolescent Females.

 A child is usually 1 month old or less than 2 months (weighing 110 grams)
B children usually aged 2 months or less than 3 months (weighing 110 grams to 150 grams)

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Modern Serama

To all serama lovers everywhere. we should have a common understanding of serama. what serama? and like what serama concepts that will be generated? so it is no longer a long debate. We serama diMalaysia players and Indonesia already have a standard assessment of the standard. The basic principle of serama is: The smaller (but not memorable midget), the more extreme (the head of the pull back and sink), and more stylish. that's why the highest points in the contest serama assessment is in force with 25 points (but only the absolute value of 24 points) as well as other assessment points. Starting point rather than the style we give a value of 21 points, then we look at the performance rather than serama is whether the style or not. any increase / decrease of 0.5 points points. chicken beauty we can see from the left, right, top, front and rear. From the side to see if the eye position in a straight line vertically with the wings as well as the position of the tail is too forward or fall backward, from the top to see if the body and the tail is symmetrical, from the back to see where the openings are too open tail or not? This is a small part of the assessment serama style, we should appreciate the people who painstakingly create a standard assessment. Greetings from Indonesia serama mania

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nik Rahman

Nik Rahman/Sabre Tail Junior

Sabre Tail Junior Generasi kedua dari Nur Serama Farm sedang melatih serama

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Diklat Serama


UPT. PPP Wil.BOJONG SOANG jl Trs.BUAH BATU No.232 Cipagalo BAndung.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Serama import dan lokal

Serama import dan lokal adalah dua kata yang sering ditulis teman-teman diFB. Gara-gara tulisan ini juga ada seorang newbe sampai malas main serama lagi, saya sendiripun jadi bertanya sendiri ngerti ga sih yang dimaksud serama import dan lokal? dan saya pikir ini adalah penyesatan, padahal kita semua tahu yang namanya serama asal muasalnya dari negeri seberang alias Malaysia artinya bukan asli produk Indonesia. Jadi jelas ga ada yang namanya serama lokal, yang ada cuma tetasan sini atau tetasan sana Dan biasanya serama-serama yang kita bawa dari malaysia itulah yang nantinya kita jadikan bibit (F1) dan anakan inilah yang sering disebut serama lokal (F2). Jadi jelas sekarang semua serama aslinya import, baik yang diimport sebelum kasus flu burung pertama (tahun 2004 - 2006) maupun yang sekarang. Sedangkan yang membedakan serama lama dengan serama yang baru adalah bentuk posturnya yang lebih extrem, kakinya lebih jenjang, tulangannya lebih halus, dan sayapnya yang tegak lurus kadang sampai lempar kedepan. Salam Mania Serama

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Konspirasi di Balik Virus Flu Burung

Mantan Menteri Kesehatan Siti Fadilah Supari (59) bikin gerah World Health Organization (WHO) dan Pemerintah Amerika Serikat (AS).

Fadilah berhasil menguak konspirasi AS dan badan kesehatan dunia itu dalam mengembangkan senjata biologi dari virus flu burung, Avian influenza (H5N1).

Setelah virus itu menyebar dan menghantui dunia, perusahaan-perusahaan dari negara maju memproduksi vaksin lalu dijual ke pasaran dengan harga mahal di negara berkembang, termasuk Indonesia. Fadilah menuangkannya dalam bukunya berjudul Saatnya Dunia Berubah! Tangan Tuhan di Balik Virus Flu Burung.

Selain dalam edisi Bahasa Indonesia, Siti juga meluncurkan buku yang sama dalam versi Bahasa Inggris dengan judul It's Time for the World to Change.
Konspirasi tersebut, kata Fadilah, dilakukan negara adikuasa dengan cara mencari kesempatan dalam kesempitan pada penyebaran virus flu burung.

"Saya mengira mereka mencari keuntungan dari penyebaran flu burung dengan menjual vaksin ke negara kita," ujar Fadilah kepada Persda Network di Jakarta.
Situs berita Australia, The Age, mengutip buku Fadilah dengan mengatakan, Pemerintah AS dan WHO berkonpirasi mengembangkan senjata biologi dari penyebaran virus avian H5N1 atau flu burung dengan memproduksi senjata biologi.

Karena itu pula, bukunya dalam versi bahasa Inggris menuai protes dari petinggi WHO.
"Kegerahan itu saya tidak tanggapi. Kalau mereka gerah, monggo mawon. Betul apa nggak, mari kita buktikan. Kita bukan saja dibikin gerah, tetapi juga kelaparan dan kemiskinan. Negara-negara maju menidas kita, lewat WTO, lewat Freeport, dan lain-lain. Coba kalau tidak ada kita sudah kaya," ujarnya.
Fadilah mengatakan, edisi perdana bukunya dicetak masing-masing 1.000 eksemplar untuk cetakan bahasa Indonesia maupun bahasa Inggris. Total sebanyak 2.000 buku.

"Saat ini banyak yang meminta jadi dalam waktu dekat saya akan mencetak cetakan kedua dalam jumlah besar. Kalau cetakan pertama dicetak penerbitan kecil, tapi untuk rencana ini, saya sedang mencari bicarakan dengan penerbitan besar," katanya.
Selain mencetak ulang bukunya, perempuan kelahiran Solo, 6 November 1950, mengatakan telah menyiapkan buku jilid kedua.

"Saya sedang menulis jilid kedua. Di dalam buku itu akan saya beberkan semua bagaimana pengalaman saya. Bagaimana saya mengirimkan 58 virus, tetapi saya dikirimkan virus yang sudah berubah dalam bentuk kelontongan."
Virus yang saya kirimkan dari Indonesia diubah-ubah Pemerintahan George Bush," ujar mantan menteri kesehatan pertama Indonesia dari kalangan perempuan ini.

Siti enggan berkomentar tentang permintaan Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono yang memintanya menarik buku dari peredaran.
"Bukunya sudah habis. Yang versi bahasa Indonesia, sebagian, sekitar 500 buku saya bagi-bagikan gratis, sebagian lagi dijual ditoko buku. Yang bahasa Inggris dijual," katanya sembari mengatakan, tidak mungkin lagi menarik buku dari peredaran.
Pemerintah AS dikabarkan menjanjikan imbalan peralatan militer berupa senjata berat atau tank jika Pemerintah RI bersedia menarik buku setebal 182 halaman itu.

Mengubah Kebijakan
Apapun komentar pemerintah AS dan WHO, Fadilah sudah membikin sejarah dunia. Gara-gara protesnya terhadap perlakuan diskriminatif soal flu burung, AS dan WHO sampai-sampai mengubah kebijakan fundamentalnya yang sudah dipakai selama 50 tahun.

Perlawanan Fadilah dimulai sejak korban tewas flu burung mulai terjadi di Indonesia pada 2005.
Majalah The Economist London menempatkan Fadilah sebagai tokoh pendobrak yang memulai revolusi dalam menyelamatkan dunia dari dampak flu burung.

"Mantan Menteri Kesehatan Indonesia itu telah memilih senjata yang terbukti lebih berguna daripada vaksin terbaik dunia saat ini dalam menanggulangi ancaman virus flu burung, yaitu transparansi," tulis The Economist.

The Economist, seperti ditulis Asro Kamal Rokan di Republika, edisi pekan lalu, mengurai, Fadilah mulai curiga saat Indonesia juga terkena endemik flu burung 2005 silam.
Ia kelabakan. Obat tamiflu harus ada. Namun aneh, obat tersebut justru diborong negara-negara kaya yang tak terkena kasus flu burung.

Di tengah upayanya mencari obat flu burung, dengan alasan penentuan diagnosis, WHO melalui WHO Collaborating Center (WHO CC) di Hongkong memerintahkannya untuk menyerahkan sampel spesimen.
Mulanya, perintah itu diikuti Fadilah. Namun, ia juga meminta laboratorium litbangkes melakukan penelitian. Hasilnya ternyata sama. Tapi, mengapa WHO CC meminta sampel dikirim ke Hongkong?

Fadilah merasa ada suatu yang aneh. Ia terbayang korban flu burung di Vietnam. Sampel virus orang Vietnam yang telah meninggal itu diambil dan dikirim ke WHO CC untuk dilakukan risk assessment, diagnosis, dan kemudian dibuat bibit virus.
Dari bibit virus inilah dibuat vaksin. Dari sinilah, ia menemukan fakta, pembuat vaksin itu adalah perusahaan-perusahaan besar dari negara maju, negara kaya, yang tak terkena flu burung.

Mereka mengambilnya dari Vietnam, negara korban, kemudian menjualnya ke seluruh dunia tanpa izin. Tanpa kompensasi.
Fadilah marah. Ia merasa kedaulatan, harga diri, hak, dan martabat negara-negara tak mampu telah dipermainkan atas dalih Global Influenza Surveilance Network (GISN) WHO. Badan ini sangat berkuasa dan telah menjalani praktik selama 50 tahun. Mereka telah memerintahkan lebih dari 110 negara untuk mengirim spesimen virus flu ke GISN tanpa bisa menolak.

Virus itu menjadi milik mereka, dan mereka berhak memprosesnya menjadi vaksin.
Di saat keraguan atas WHO, Fadilah kembali menemukan fakta bahwa para ilmuwan tidak dapat mengakses data sequencing DNA H5N1 yang disimpan WHO CC.

Data itu, uniknya, disimpan di Los Alamos National Laboratory di New Mexico, AS.
Di sini, dari 15 grup peneliti hanya ada empat orang dari WHO, selebihnya tak diketahui.
Los Alamos ternyata berada di bawah Kementerian Energi AS. Di lab inilah dahulu dirancang bom atom Hiroshima. Lalu untuk apa data itu, untuk vaksin atau senjata kimia?

Fadilah tak membiarkan situasi ini. Ia minta WHO membuka data itu. Data DNA virus H5N1 harus dibuka, tidak boleh hanya dikuasai kelompok tertentu.
Ia berusaha keras. Dan, berhasil. Pada 8 Agustus 2006, WHO mengirim data itu. Ilmuwan dunia yang selama ini gagal mendobrak ketertutupan Los Alamos, memujinya.

Majalah The Economist menyebut peristiwa ini sebagai revolusi bagi transparansi. Tidak berhenti di situ. Siti Fadilah terus mengejar WHO CC agar mengembalikan 58 virus asal Indonesia, yang konon telah ditempatkan di Bio Health Security, lembaga penelitian senjata biologi Pentagon.
Ini jelas tak mudah. Tapi, ia terus berjuang hingga tercipta pertukaran virus yang adil, transparan, dan setara.

Ia juga terus melawan dengan cara tidak lagi mau mengirim spesimen virus yang diminta WHO, selama mekanisme itu mengikuti GISN, yang imperialistik dan membahayakan dunia.

Dan, perlawanan itu tidak sia-sia. Meski Fadilah dikecam WHO dan dianggap menghambat penelitian, namun pada akhirnya dalam sidang Pertemuan Kesehatan Sedunia di Jenewa Mei 2007, International Government Meeting (IGM) WHO di akhirnya menyetujui segala tuntutan Fadilah, yaitu sharing virus disetujui dan GISN dihapuskan.

 Sumber : Tribun Timur, Google & WHO

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Grade and Size in Serama

Understanding grade and size in serama are two different things. Understanding grade is to determine the class that will be followed in the game serama contest, grade A chicken which means weight not more than 360 grams and playing in Class A, while grade B means the weight of the chicken between 361-400 grams and play in class B. While Size is the size of a serama body, there is a small size, medium size and large size and the size typically used in breeding terms. That is why there is a chicken with a small size but weighs more than 360 grams and should play in the Class A or vice versa. Size factor is not determined by factors feeding but genetic factors. it's because not all chickens will produce a smaller size all small size or large size will produce large size puppies all. Similarly glimpse of grade and size differences.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Soft eggshell

One cause egg shell quality serama ugly because of a deficiency of minerals Ca / Calcium and P / Phopor is also due to lack serama chickens in the yard snapping around us. Usually the wild chickens will instinctively peck food containing both substances. And usually the chickens we give extra food concentrates containing elements needed earlier. Apparently still not guarantee the quality of the shell egg shells. Investigate a prickly investigate the cause is a deficiency of vitamin D, which is useful for bind both substances during egg shell formation. While vitamin D can be formed naturally from ultraviolet light when the chicken was sunbathing can also be heated by the sun or the intake of fish oil tablets. If these elements are met, then the skin itself is no longer going soft or fragile eggs as often happens in chickens serama.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Isu Flu Burung

Sekedar pendapat: Seiring merebaknya isu flu burung yang sekarang sedang ramai-ramainya di Indonesia, bagi saya adalah hal biasa. Dan menurut pendapat saya ini ada korelasinya dengan perubahan cuaca dan penurunan penjualan DOC ayam potong. Cuaca sangat berperan dalam kasus tingginya kematian ayam yang disebabkan oleh beberapa penyakit ayam terutama telo (New Castle Diases/ND) dan gumboro, kedua dalam beberapa bulan belakangan ini saya perhatikan melalui media jejaring sosial atau internet tingkat penjualan DOC AKS (Ayam Kampung Super) mengalami peningkatan dalam penjualan sehingga dapat mengancam penjualan DOC ayam potong sehingga dihembusankanlah isu flu burung agar terjadi pemusnahan masal ayam untuk meningkatkan kembali penjualan ayam potong broiler. Ini sekedar opini pribadi saya mungkin ada pendapat lain dari rekan-rekan lainnya.Sebenarnya ada hal penting dalam penangkal penyakit unggas pertama jaga kebersihan kandang dan lingkungannya, kedua unggas jangan pernah kita liarkan, ketiga lakukan vaksinasi bila diangap perlu dan kembali ke back to nature atau gunakan bahan-bahan herbalis sebagai tindakan pencegahan. Kalau ini kita terapkan secara disiplin maka kasus kematian masal unggas mungkin dapat kita cegah secara signifikan dan isu flu burung mungkin tidak ada lagi di Indonesia

Monday, January 2, 2012

Persiapan 2012

 Anak Tok Sangkut

 Anak Van Diesel (kiri depan), anak Husin Kijang (kanan)

Anak Datuk (sold out)

Suhu & Kelembaban

Salah satu kendala utama seorang peternak indoors adalah suhu dan kelembaban, dimana kedua faktor ini sangat mempengaruhi keberhasilan d...