Friday, December 21, 2012

11 Steps to prevent disease

   1. vaccination program
   2. The chickens are placed in buildings / enclosures
       to be protected from disease-carrying animals
   3. Changing the drinking water at least 2 times a day
   4. Maintain cleanliness of cages
   5. Prevent infection from outside sources
   6. New poultry, should be quarantined first
       about 15 days
   7. Getting sick birds should be isolated from
       healthy birds
   8. When the plague struck, dead birds should be
       burnt / destroyed or buried
   9. Give vitamins when the weather changes
 10. Do not dispose of chicken waste keselokan or
       river, resulting in outbreaks of disease
 11. Ask the doctor when there are outbreaks
       around you

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The jockey's

  Youngest jockey in the contest featured compact serama APASI Cup III

Suhu & Kelembaban

Salah satu kendala utama seorang peternak indoors adalah suhu dan kelembaban, dimana kedua faktor ini sangat mempengaruhi keberhasilan d...