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ASSESSMENT OF CHICKEN SERAMA* Type - The main characteristic is to stick to the back of the head, the back portion short, bristled wing and tail length, full, and if developed, not touching bone. Position the middle of the eye equal to the position of the middle leg when standing.* Disposition - Looks valiant, courageous and confident. Mannerism love and love to stand out like crows feet.* Tails - big Saiz, straightened and height. The main stem of long tail feathers, melentik at the end and growing as a form V. Lawi (rooster) 90 Uprise melentik darjah and slightly backward at the end.* Flap - When standing, the chicken wing in position straightening but little menghala back. Hujung little flap in contact with the floor.* Body - Strapping and round. Chicken breast larger than the rear portion when viewed from above. From the edge, V-shaped body Rear Chicken and broad at the shoulder portion.* Feet - Not so tight and selari. Simple and balanced with a long flap saiz. Thighs muscular and modest length. Taji in central shank portion, hard, small and menghala back foot.

 Age categories for chicken serama that counsel was as follows:Grade 3A weighing under 250gmGrade 1A weighing under 350gmGrade B weighing under 500gm

 Style is something that is very subjective to be explained depends on individual tastes differing .. Chicken serama more recognizable beauty kerana cause defended only for the purpose of accompanying the game and a hobby. if there is an abundance of light and a camera lens, it immediately raised chicken breasts and erect tail straighten up to 90 darjah and waving signs both kepak.Gaya teletah chicken is very popular with photographers serama kerana easy to get It poses an interesting and photogenic. There is also a very hard cock serama photographed kerana often walks through every corner of the table.

The characteristics that should exist in a serama to match ....The main characteristic is the force (25%), body (15%), head & tail feather (25%), Head & Balung (15%), color (10%), wing (10%), fleece (5%) and feet (5%). usually chicken in category A which weighs 320 - 350g a high style .... chicken a lighter 220 - 300g usually less active ....Style: regular full Permarkahan earmarked 25% but until now was the highest markup is 23.5 sake only. Style of thought in terms of how chickens are acting like a shook-shook pull, walk with magnificent, diving head pull to reveal a large chest, lift the opposite leg, tengkok vibrate, etc..Body: diperuntuk Pemarkahan usual full 15%, but as usual the highest markup in 13.5 sake only. Body beautiful thought to be lifted if the chicken breasts hinggakan not show the space between the tail and the back of the chicken. Head also need melepasi cedar legs. The tail should not be melepasi cedar legs ... people over here says stabbing head ... So the position of the head exceeds 90 darjah tu le.Tails: Pemarkahan usual full allocated 15%, but as usual the highest landmarks in 13 other features. Beautiful tail must have more than 5 blades / blade next. The order is necessary to regularly ... namely arranged neatly ... there should be no short in the middle of ... revealing ascending arrangement ... one more tail tu le open .. should not be hermetically sealed or mengucup .. the usual term we use for the tail is betel leaf shape.Lawi: Pemarkahan usual full allocated 10%, but as usual the highest markup in 8.5 other features. Lawi pretty emphatic higher pengapik tail tail feather .. at least 1 inch. Lawi necessary straight up .. two equally long tail feather is necessary .. hard, smooth and sharp tapered .. the term used is tail feather to tail feather sword and javelin.Wings: regular full Pemarkahan allocated 7%, but as usual the highest markup in 6 other features. The composition of the wing must be boxed, midrib on the wing feathers showed no cavities, not too short or too anchoring ... cedar is used as the deciding leg. The wings were pretty down is when straightened his legs and not be covered mencecah ground. Terpacak should erect 90 darjah.Head Balung: Pemarkahan usual full allocated 10%, but as usual the highest markup in 8 other features. Balung pretty thought when saiznya besesuai to face the chicken. Not thick, bright red to indicate It councilors, Jejarinya exceed than 5 blades, Upright, Composed neatly ... visible uniformity in composition.Color: Pemarkahan usual full allocated 8%, but as usual the highest markup in 7 other features. Class colors are colors that are shiny .. like yellow, red, fig, beetles candles, color grade 2 is white, kubing, namely gross color mixing color with black chest.Fur: ​​Pemarkahan usual full allocated 5%, but as usual the highest markup in 4 other features. Fur let containers, net primarily hujung wings and lower back, not merebang-rebang, I might see if we reveal neatly boxed and ... tip .. bathe the chicken 3 or 4 days before the game ... do not bathe the day before the match .. fur will not arranged neatly ... seems kind of strip-strip.Feet: Pemarkahan usual full allocated 5%, but as usual the highest markup in 4 other features. Colors are usually bright yellow legs, long, clean, upright when standing, bent less markup, not weak or lembik when walking.


 There are two formats for the game of chicken serama between Kelantan and Terengganu, Terengganu .... If the markup for style united into one in Kelantan when broken into two ... but this format Perkas court ... if he Kerisma same markup format Terengganu . Style A is a force on the table and Style B is the style below (running). Usually not much markup Beza between one-on-one chicken .. and sometimes the same markahnya other features add up .. how to determine if the predecessor is by looking at stacking set markahnya than style to foot ... if chicken 'w' style but lost a portion over the chicken legs and 'X' feet higher than the style, the chickens 'w' le mistaken as predecessors so forth .. but if all these distinctive markahnya same traits, the way the scales was the last we use the lightest chicken .. mistaken as the winner.

Indeed, it is wise to penternak genetic intimation will be able to know for sure the characteristics of the dominant against serama pet chickens. Any mix of genetic imbalances at diternaknya chickens will produce the form of chicken serama way that does not follow the standard qualities desired.

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