Thursday, July 5, 2012

Modern Serama

To all serama lovers everywhere. we should have a common understanding of serama. what serama? and like what serama concepts that will be generated? so it is no longer a long debate. We serama diMalaysia players and Indonesia already have a standard assessment of the standard. The basic principle of serama is: The smaller (but not memorable midget), the more extreme (the head of the pull back and sink), and more stylish. that's why the highest points in the contest serama assessment is in force with 25 points (but only the absolute value of 24 points) as well as other assessment points. Starting point rather than the style we give a value of 21 points, then we look at the performance rather than serama is whether the style or not. any increase / decrease of 0.5 points points. chicken beauty we can see from the left, right, top, front and rear. From the side to see if the eye position in a straight line vertically with the wings as well as the position of the tail is too forward or fall backward, from the top to see if the body and the tail is symmetrical, from the back to see where the openings are too open tail or not? This is a small part of the assessment serama style, we should appreciate the people who painstakingly create a standard assessment. Greetings from Indonesia serama mania

Suhu & Kelembaban

Salah satu kendala utama seorang peternak indoors adalah suhu dan kelembaban, dimana kedua faktor ini sangat mempengaruhi keberhasilan d...