Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Grade and Size in Serama

Understanding grade and size in serama are two different things. Understanding grade is to determine the class that will be followed in the game serama contest, grade A chicken which means weight not more than 360 grams and playing in Class A, while grade B means the weight of the chicken between 361-400 grams and play in class B. While Size is the size of a serama body, there is a small size, medium size and large size and the size typically used in breeding terms. That is why there is a chicken with a small size but weighs more than 360 grams and should play in the Class A or vice versa. Size factor is not determined by factors feeding but genetic factors. it's because not all chickens will produce a smaller size all small size or large size will produce large size puppies all. Similarly glimpse of grade and size differences.

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